We offer discounts for single parents and senior citizens.

Green Carpet Cleaning in Dallas

What is your carpet cleaner doing for the environment ?

Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning

We do not charge extra to use green / baby safe carpet cleaner solutions. We even ask if there are any children living in the home before we get started to ensure the highest quality experience. Be sure to ask us about any green products we sell to help keep the carpet clean after our job is done.

Green Carpet Cleaning

At Steam Me Up Carpet Cleaning we take great pride in doing business the right way. We never litter or pollute our environment. Our Green Carpet Cleaning is 100% safe for children and pets. We are also offering 100% natural citrus cleaning solutions.
Young children are vulnerable and more susceptible to toxins. Children often receive larger doses of environmental toxins which can have a negative effect due to the fact that they are rapidly growing and developing. Chemicals that are harmful to development can do the most damage in this critical time period.
Children often play on the floors where allergens and heavier than air chemicals collect and settle. Toddlers often pick objects up from the floor and put them in the mouth. This is only natural as they learn, but it is our responsibility to do the best we can to keep them safe.

Green Carpet Cleaning For Pets

Our pets spend a lot of time on the floors and carpets. They will love and appreciate you more for using a green friendly carpet cleaner – just ask them. We have green solutions for pet odor, pet stains, and allergies. Our Eco-Friendly green carpet cleaning is sure to be the right answer for all your needs. Ask about our odor deodorizing for homes with pets. We will provide you with the right products for your unique situation.