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Carpeting - Carpet Cleaning

Nothing cleans more thoroughly, or protects your carpet investment better than “Steam Me Up’s” steam cleaning method, also known as hot water extraction. It is the preferred carpet cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers. Shaw floors is the largest producer of carpet and flooring and they only recommend Hot Water Extraction.
Steam Cleaning employs a heavy-duty hot water extraction system. After a thorough vacuuming to remove dry soil, a detergent is applied using a portable sprayer and then agitated into the carpet with a vinyl rake or soft brush. After about 15 minutes, the technician will rinse the carpet with a high pressure jet of clean, hot water which immediately gets pulled back into the reservoir along with the dirt, grease, and oils that were released from the carpet. A properly steam-cleaned carpet will typically dry within 12 to 24 hours. (We use a special Air Move (large fan) to dry the carpet within 1 to 3 hours).

How often should I clean my carpeting?

Cleaning extends the life of your carpets and saves you the tremendous amount of money to replace prematurely worn carpet. Carpets cleaned on a regular basis provide a healthy and healthy environment for you and your family.
According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IIRC) you should have your carpeting cleaned at least one time per year, dependent on the amount of traffic. Families with normal soil and children should have the carpeting cleaned every 12 months. Homes with heavy soil should have the carpeting cleaned every 6 months.
With “Steam Me Up” all work is supervised by the owner. You get the very best carpet cleaning and we give you the total price before we start the job. If you want the VERY BEST, no one does a better job.
Vacuuming can and will extend the life of your carpet. Carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week, but we recommend twice a week. Dirt is an abrasive and it actually scratches the carpet fibers. Over time this scratching will dull your carpet, creating dark areas that can not be cleaned.
Clean carpets don’t just enhance your home’s appearance – they also improve your family’s health. The fibers act as an air filter, trapping dirt, dust, and other allergens. Get peace of mind and pristine carpets by having “Steam Me Up” clean your carpeting on a regular basis. Our courteous, competent professionals will vacuum, pre-treat, steam-clean, spot-clean and protect your carpeting. In addition to carpet cleaning, we offer, tile/grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning and mattress cleaning.
There are many carpet cleaners in the DFW area that offer carpet cleaning but do they offer you the complete experience? We treat you right from start to finish so you end up with great looking carpets for a very fair price. Focusing solely on the lowest price will always end up with incomplete cleaning and another unsatisfied customer, You! Focusing more on the value of the services offered rather than the cost will provide you with the best results for your dollar spent. In today’s economy, getting your monies worth is a must and ”Steam Me Up” always gives the highest level of carpet cleaning service the industry has to offer.